Nancy J. Davis began writing songs when she was a principal singer on a CBC national television series called Let’s Go. Her songwriting led to writing poetry and to date, thousands of dollars have been raised for local and national charities through the sale and auction of her framed and signed poetry, one of which now hangs in Vancouver City Hall. As writing is her passion, she hopes readers from all walks of life will enjoy her books. E-mail your comments to Contact the Author

njd-beyond-proofBeyond Proof
follows the life of Dr. John Martin, a cardiothoracic surgeon. Born as a child genius in the field of medicine, John is plagued throughout his life by recurring and very realistic dreams. These dreams suggest that John was born in Cape Town, South Africa, in a previous life, and achieved celebrated status for his work in heart transplants. Consumed with finding out the truth and some evidence, he travels to Cape Town. There John searches for the real probability that resurrection is actually a very conceivable phenomenon. Could it be that life on this earth is not a beginning or an end, but simply a learning process in our journey through time? To order: go to and search for Beyond Proof by Nancy J Davis, ISBN 978-1-4809-7369-5 or eISBN 978-1-4809-7392-3

njd-PoetryPoetry by Nancy J Davis
Do you have a favourite poem? Perhaps you have several. Throughout the years we all have had the opportunity to enjoy a book of poetry, whether it's a book chosen as an educational tool during our learning years or was a gift from a friend or family member for a special occasion in our life. Poetry, like the words of a song, can touch a heartstring and bring back the memory of someone or something very important in our life. The collection of poems Nancy J. Davis has chosen to present to you in this book will appeal to the poet in all of us … young and old. To order: go to and search for Poetry by Nancy J Davis, ISBN 978-1-4809-6169-2 or eISBN 978-1-4809-6146-3

njd-resurrectionResurrection of a Heinous Mind
The Mason family of three sets out to enjoy yet another summer vacation at their isolated cabin in central B.C. But fate has other plans. Add two armed and dangerous escaped convicts, an angry grizzly bear, and a ten-year-old boy that is taken hostage, and you have a story that will captivate and render speechless the most enthusiastic reader. The Mason's son, Sam, tells his account of what happened that summer with vivid recall. Did it set him on a path in life that defies all logic and reason? You be the judge! To order: go to and search for Resurrection of a Heinous Mind by Nancy J Davis, Fiction, Crime, ISBN 978-1-4349-8904-8

njd-SeasonsSeasons of Love
spans an eight-year period in the life of a wealthy New York family. Set in New York; Hong Kong; San Clemente; Washington, D.C.; and Geneva, the author exposes some serious ups and downs in the lives of the Randolph family. Their journey is difficult after the sudden and unexpected death of a much-loved family member and opens their eyes to the fact that being wealthy doesn’t stop you from bruising when life pushes you down. Seasons of Love reveals the message that love, patience, support and, in many ways, spirituality, will guide us through life’s hardships. To order: go to RoseDogBooks.comand search for Seasons of Love by Nancy J Davis, Fiction, Romance, ISBN 978-1-4349-8422-7 or ISBN 978-1-4349-7413-6

All four of the above titles are available on Kindle ebooks, Dorrance Publishing, and many worldwide websites. Visit one of these websites and place your book order: search for author Nancy J Davis and select one or more book titles. Author Nancy J Davis extends her appreciation to all her readers for their kind support.